"This girl, unkown yet so powerful. She'll be a great asset to the family; all she needs to do is figure out her worth."

Atsuko Hibari


Hibari Atsuko




-Suko (Hibari)

-Atsu (Kyoko)


-Suko-chan (Mukuro)

Personal Statistics






April 18

Eye colour

Navy Blue

Hair Colour

Jet black

Blood Type



5'3 or 160.2 cm


99 lbs or 44 kg

Professional Statistics


Alive and Active

Known Relatives

HIbari Kyoya, older brother


Namimori Junior High, second year


Namimori town, Japan

Associated Familia

Vongola Familia


A small switchblade Hibari had given her after she was kidnapped by Mukuro

Special Abilities

Has a high ESP, and seems to be able to immediately tell whether a person is bad or not, and sometimes has psychic dreams


-In the same class, and close friends with, Ryohei Sasagawa

-Has a habit of sleeping alot, like Hibari

-Isn't in the best health condition, and gets sick very easily

-Favourite food is chocolate

-Is very obediant to Hibari's words, most of the time

-A part of the Namimori Middle Disiplinary committee

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Atsuko Hibari is the Vongola Cloud Guardian, Kyoya Hibari's, younger sister.

Character outlineEdit

[Story References 1]Atsuko is the younger sister to Hibari Kyoya, the disiplinary commitee leader of Namimori Middle school, the members, in fact, are dilinquents who are loyal to Hibari's every word. Unlike her brother- who would love to fight at every chance-, Atsuko rather not fight at all, and disaproves of the way he runs his commitee, but says nothing of it, because he already knows. Even though she's prefer not to be near lots of people-like Hibari-, she enjoys hanging out with friends-female of course, Hibari won`t let her out with males(except for Tsunayoshi Sawada because he knows the kid is so scared of him and won't try anything). She cared greatly for her family and friends. She will often end her sentences with a `hm`or `ne`, a speech imparement she was given during an accident in elementary school. Unlike Hibari, Atsuko dosn`t really care much for the school, she`d rather be at home reading than be there, but she cares for the ones inside it. Hibird, Hibari`s adopted small, yellow bird, who usually doesn`t get cosy with many people, favours Atsuko-for she treats him very kindly- and Hibari(his adoptor). Earlier on in her life, in her third year of elementary school, she was hit my a car on her way home from school with Hibari, and when she was in the hospital, she had little-to-no chances of surviving, because her health is already bad- being born 3 months prematurely and all-, and after her surgery, she developed a weird speech imparment, a weak heart, and Hibari gained an `overprotective brother` peraonality toward her. She is not allowed to do physical activity, though she holds a spot on the didiplinary commitee.  She finds Reborn to be adorable


Atsuko has long jet black hair, that goes down to her waist, with a fringe that goes just above her eyebrows, some of which is held back by a white flower pin. She has large, round navy eyes, which can reveal every emotion in them. She has a light skin tone. She, unlike Hibari, doesn`t like to wear her uniform out of school, afraid of ruining it, instead, out of school, she usually wears a knee-high black skirt and a light blue and black hoodie, with brown boots and black knee high socks. When she is wearing her uniform, she wears the standard uniform, without the jacket/vest, and has the disiplinary band on her left arm.

She wears a black necklace with a red gem, given to her by her brother on her 4th birthday, and two red and black hope bands around her right ring finger. 

During the future arc, in her appearence, her future self seems more withdrawn, wearing a white spaghetti strap dress, and butt-length black hair, and her eyes are a dull navy. Her skin colour is much more paler, and she seems to only have grown one inch, and only gains a few pounds.


As stated by others, Atsuko is a very gentle and quiet, as well as kind character, who cares deeply for those around her. She thinks before she acts-mostly, there are times when she is very angry and rash. Even though she is in the aggressive diciplinary commitee, she chooses not to hurt anyone, it would effect her greatly and build on her guilt.
Atsuko prefers to be with a few close friends, but hates crowds, like Hibari. And because of her secluded upbringing, she can be timid around those unfamiliar with, and is not good with compliments-though she gets them alot- Atsuko can be very oblivious and is pretty innocent, like Yamamoto, and is sometimes childish.  She can be very stubborn at times, refusing when people ask to help her, even sometimes Hibari gets refused, and this leads to her getting caught in weird situations. 
Though she is not very good at reading the atmosphere, Atsuko is very good at reading people. It is sort of like  sixth sense, a psychic sense, and she is able to pick off and able to tell alot about a person, before meeting them, though she sort of feels bad about judging people before meeting them naturally.
A rare trait about her, is that she can get very angry, but very rarely does that happen. She also loves cute animals, ranging from cats to birds to hedgehogs, and children, and is very fond of I-pin, Lambo, and Fuuta. She is fiercly loyal to her family, and would do anything in her power to keep them safe, though she thinks she can do nothing.  She will stand up for someone when they need it. 
It takes alot for her to dislike someone, and because of her cute personality, she attracts alot of fanboys, to which Hibari scares off. She is the type of person who cannot stand still, even with her poor health, Atsuko stays optimistic and energetic, and it tires out Hibari, not to mention the fact that she is so clumsy, and she trips over her own two feet, or chairs, or tables, or nothing all the time.  She has a semi-high intellegence, just above average.
Ten years later, and she is more lethargic and mature, though still motherly and kind in nature. She is also much more intellegent, taking  helping the Vongola with their stratagy plans.

Relationships (Major) Edit

  • Kyoya Hibari; Atsuko's older brother by one year. He takes care of her and is slightly overprotective, which is defined even more after she had been kidnapped by Mukuro. They look out for each other, and Hibari usually only listens to Atsuko most of the time, and has a large soft spot for her, and htough he can be rough and aloof, he does his best to keep her safe and happy. Kyoya doesn't let her participate in many physical activities, since her heart is bad, so he keeps her in the Disiplinary committee so she can get her daily fix of club activities, and so he can keep watch over her. He seems to hate it when she hangs out with Ryohei and his friends, and absolutely loaths whenever Mukuro is in the same vacinity as his sister. It shows that he is overprotective, because when Dino and Atsuko were first introduced, he had kissed her hand and Kyoya beat him up[Story References 2] 
  • Ryohei Sasagawa; He is in the same class as Atsuko, has been since elementary school, so the two have become close friends over the years. When Atsuko was younger, she used to watch/babysit Ryohei's younger sister, and that, by extention, meant that she spent time with Ryohei, and they got to know each other. Ryohei respects her greatly, for being able to 'tame' the demon of Namimori Middle, and for varuous other things. Atsuko likes to encourage his hyper behaviour, and likes to go to as many of Ryohei's boxing tournaments and cheer him on. 
  • Kyoko Sasagawa; Another friend of Atsuko's, who the black haired girl used to babysit as a child. Kyoko has taken to calling Atsuko, 'Atsu-sempai' and in turn, she calls Kyoko, 'Yoko-chan'. They have a common hobby in taking care of Ryohei, and keeping him occupied. Atsuko tries to encourage Kyoko to hang out with Tsuna more, seeing as she knows the giant crush he has on the girl.
  • Tsunayoshi Sawada
  • Mukuro Rokudo; They first met when Mukuro had kidnapped her during the Kokuyo arc, for leverage on Hibari and simply because she had caught his attention. Since then, Mukuro seems to have gotten attached, and constantly shows up wherever she is-- he probably does it becsue the sheer look of violent rage across Kyoya's face. Atsuko is slightly scared of him, she knows how capable he is to hurt her, she knows he can, but that fear lessens over time after she meets Chrome Dokuro, the girl who Mukuro had saved. Mukuro likes to tease Atsuko alot, loving the expression of a blush on her face and her priceless reactions, and tends to be touchy-feely, which ends up angering Kyoya even more, to the point that Atsuko has to leave because the two are physically fighting. Over time, Atsuko develops a slight crush on Mukuro, and he turns out to be her first kiss.
  • Dino Cavallone; Atsuko looks up to Dino in a sort of brotherly way; he had helped her own brother with his abilities, and even stuck around to annoy him. Atsuko likes the way whenever Dino goes to see Kyoya, he always brings a few candies to give to her. Dino lookes at Atsuko in a sisterly way, seeing her as a mother-like type of person to Tsuna's makeshift familia. He admires how she is able to put everyone else above herself in times of need, and even in everyday life, and he respects her for it.
  • Takeshi Yamamoto
  • Hayato Gokudera
  • Lambo and Ipin
  • Fuuta
  • Reborn