IS1 - Houki Shinonono

Gender Female
  • 15 (Beginning)
  • 16 (Later
Status Alive
Date of Birth January 17th
Team Pandora
  • Sword
  • Knives
Blood Type O
Height 5'3ft
Family Unnamed Family

Aqua for short. Aqua is the right hand and most tusted friend of Melodys. 


Aqua's appearance is a young teenage girl with long carmel brown hair and a megenta base ribbon with black stripes tied around her hair as a ponytail (later black base and megenta stripes), and parted at her forehead, she has aqua blue eyes, and usually wears her Ravenwood second year uniform (megenta) with long black healess boots that she hides her knives in. 

Aqua it states that she is very well-endowed, as she was once complaining about the size of her breasts being too big, only to think to herself that maybe everyone likes that about her.


Lingyin is depicted as a very energetic girl who has a slight competitive streak in her, as when Phoenix  and Skye arguing with her about her relationship with Melody. She effectively answers them while hinting that she has an advantage over them. 

Melody payed for Aqua to get out of jail; Aqua remained loyal and supportive. Aqua loves the sight of blood, even more them Molody. 

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Knives: Aqua chooses knives for her weapon. Cuting her targets throat after Melody poison them.