Anais Bouvier
Title Bouvier Ottavo
Gender Female
Age 25
Status Alive
Date of Birth March 29
Famiglia Bouvier Famiglia
Loyalty Sciarpa Nera
Partner Unnamed Hitman
Team Sciarpa Nera
Weapon Dices
Weapon Settimo's Cane
Box Animal Minou
Flame Sky, Mist
Blood Type AB
Height 160cm (5'3")
Weight 46.5 kg (102 lbs)
  • Unnamed father
  • Unnamed mother

Character Outline Edit

Anais is the Third Commander and a Squad Leader of the resistance group "Sciarpa Nera" (Black Scarf) whose purpose is to fight Byakuran and to regather the Tri-ni-set. She is the 8th Boss of the little known Bouvier Famiglia whose origins come from France but has been expanded their identity to Italy and Japan.

It is revealed that Anais is part of the Three Musketeers, a group founded by herself with Maurice and Sheila, two former classmates. It is hinted that Tsuna might take the role of D'Artagnan.

Personality Edit

She seems harsh and stern but is actually a person who cares about the people in her environment, as shown as she was taking both Lambo and Gokudera to her hideout. Though she can be teasing sometimes, especially during fights. She seems careless about her Famiglia and Guardians, though she told that their intuition is so good they would know if she's in danger they wold appear immediately and save or help her.

Anais is a tactician who prefers theory prior practice, she also appears to be able to speak multiple languages such as Japanese, French, Italian and Mandarin.

Appearance Edit

Anais can sometimes be mistaken for a boy as she has an androgynous looking body. However, she does not appear to be flat chested, but admitted that she'd bind her chest to not to be underestimated by being a girl. She has an olive hair color and blue eyes that are oddly shaped. Under her left eye she as some tattoos that may or may not have a specific meaning. She's often shown to wear a black-white striped shirt, a black tie and a black kit. However, when she's at her hideout she wears more casual clothing.

Plot Overview Edit

History Edit

Anais was one of the Famiglias that were against Byakuran's success and joined "Sciarpa Nera". Little is known about her family as she refuses to talk about them but has stated that she walked a different path as her parents, showing that her parents didn't want her to be involved with the Mafia. It's hinted that her grandmother might be Bouvier Settimo who, just like Timoteo did to Tsuna, sealed her Dying Will Flame. At the age of 16 though, she was able to awaken her Dying Will Flames and took the path to become the next Bouvier Ottavo since then.

Byakuran's success Edit

After Byakuran succeeded to complete the Tri-ni-set and worked on his plan to create a new world, she joined "Sciarpa Nera" and headed to her Home Base in Sicily as she was working on a plan. Just like a few Divisions of the group she got the task to track the Vongola Famiglia and Guardians who had been scattered through the globe as Irie Shoichi was about to save everyone from Byakuran's attempt to kill the Famiglia at one piece. Three days after the event she found Lambo crying for Tsuna's mother and took him with her. Later she found Gokudera Hayato who was injured and unconscious.

Tsuna's "death" Edit


Relationships Edit

Bouvier Guardians Edit

Nothing much is known about her Guardians; though she mentioned that they'll be able to find her if she's in any case of danger and needs help. It has been rumored that she wouldn't care about her Guardians which turns out to be wrong as she has stated that she'd rather want her Guardians to work independently instead of having a crowd around her.

Lambo Edit

Anais finds Lambo who was walking around the streets of Sicily. He was crying for Tsuna's mother which brought her attention to him. Anais knew about his identity and appearance as she was informed about the Vongola Guardians. Lambo refuses to go with her but after offering him candy and food he instantly agreed and went with her to her base. Due to his attitude it's a little hard for her to focus on much stuff as he needs attention all the time, but she thinks it's a good thing to have a lively presence around her since she's been alone all the time.

Gokudera Hayato Edit

Gokudera was brought to Sicily by some boatmen. Since the boatmen work for the Sciarpa Nera they didn't have any bad intention towards him and contacted Anais that the Vongola Storm Guardian has been found. The boatmen brought the man to her hideout where she takes care of his wounds, much for Lambo's dislike as he doesn't get the attention he needs. After Gokudera wakes up he wants to leave the hideout immediately but collapses when he was heading to the door. He first wanted to look for Tsuna and doesn't believe Anais when she told him that he's gone missing and no one knows about his whereabouts. After getting the message of Tsuna's apparent death he falls into depression, but after Anais discloses that it might be a trap by Byakuran to gather all Guardians so that he could destroy them all at once, his mood seems to become better but he still doesn't believe her. However, both see each other as allies who work together for a plan to find Tsuna.

Irie Shoichi Edit

It's not really much known about their relationship but it's hinted that they're close with each other. It's also hinted that they might be lovers but both deny any mention of it.

Weapons and Abilities Edit

As a Boss, Anais has been blessed with the Sky Flame but doesn't like to use them which she even states. She works a lot with Mist Flames and prefers these over the Sky Flame. She is also able to go under Dying Will mode but shows this even rarely because she seems it to be unnecessary.

Equipment Edit

  • Mist Dices: Anais uses dices which she might use to form illusions. The dices are her primary weapon and uses them more often than Bouvier Settimo's Cane.
  • Settimo's Cane: The cane that was used by Bouvier Settimo has been inherited when Anais came of age. Due to the future technology the cane has been stocked as a Box Weapon. Anais doesn't use the cane often and only if she has the need to use her Sky Flames.
  • Bouvier Sky Ring: Another item that has been inherited when Anais came of age. She's able to inject her Sky Flame in the Box weapon that contents Settimo's cane so that she can use it. Even though she's wearing it permanently she's not really using it.
  • Sciarpa Nera Mist Ring: The Mist Ring was given by Sciarpa Nera so that she can use her Mist flames for her dices.

Trivia Edit

  • Her catchphrases are "C'est parti!" and "Allons-y!" ( both mean "Let's go" in french).
  • When she's enraged she often swears in French.
  • She greets and says farewell in french ("Bonjour" and "Au revoir").
  • Anais is lactose intolerant.
  • She's the "pillar" that prevents any argument between Lambo and Gokudera.
  • She doesn't mind beating up anyone with her cane when she gets provoked during her city trips.
  • Her favorite food are self-made french fries and milk rice.
  • She has a vespa which she uses to go to town.
  • She often plays card games with Lambo and lets him win, since she knows that Lambo doesn't like losing games.
  • She used to live in Japan when she was around her teens and returned to France after graduating High School which might explain why she can speak Japanese.