Basic Information


Amaya Mitsui (Present)

Amaya Phantom (Future)


Phantom Tredicesimo

Death's Child (Shi no Ko)




16 (Present)

26 (Future)

Date of Birth

January 13th


Phantom Famiglia


Scythe (Present)

Dual Chain Scythes (Future)

Box Animal

Mist Raven (Kurona)


Mist (Main)




161cm (Present)

169cm (Future)

49kgs (Present)

58kgs (Future)

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"As long as you stay with me forever."

Character Outline Edit

Diagnosed with depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, she has social phobia and also mono-phobia. Amaya “Aya” Mitsui is one of the last surviving members of the Phantom family. She transferred to Namimori Middle School to continue her education, and once her schooling is complete she has decided to become the Phantom family’s 13th boss and revive her family for her deceased mother.

Personality Edit

Amaya is a kind-hearted girl who fears being alone, being evaluated negatively or being seen as useless. She struggles with making friends because her social phobia and anxiety makes it difficult for her to approach others. Unluckily, Amaya hardly smiles, usually making her look nervous and gloomy all the time, making her less approachable. She doesn't particularly like speaking and speaks only when she really has to, when she does speak, she speaks bluntly and gets straight to the point. She will usually blame herself for anything and everything that goes wrong around her and start to panic and silently cries. Whenever she has a anxiety attack at school she abruptly leaves class and looks for comfort (mainly Hibari). Despite her attendance, (or lack of) Amaya does well in school thanks to her extremely fast learning ability.

History Edit

Amaya was born in Namimori and lived with her father. Her mother stayed for her first few months then went back to her family in Italy. Amaya lived a normal life until she was six, this was when her mother came back. After Amaya was told of the incident that occurred in Italy she began blaming herself for it. Her mother then put Amaya through intense training, making up for her lost time, so Amaya could become the next Phantom Boss and revive her family. Like her mother, she was taught how to create, strengthen and use lethal illusions with her Mist Flame all while trying living a normal outside life. She also unknowingly strengthened her Sun Flames little by little every time she went through the training sessions, which saved her life a few times. When she finished her first year at Nanimori Middle School, her mother asked to have their family's traditional ‘Graduation Spar’ because Amaya had already completed her training. During the spar, Amaya seemed to have fatally wounded her mother to the point of killing her. Amaya became extremely mentally and emotionally unstable and dropped out of school. She dyed her hair similar to her mother’s and bought coloured contacts to cover her eyes. After her mother’s cremation ceremony, her father took the both of them to London to see Kain (Amaya's uncle and 12th Phantom Boss), whose location was left in a letter by Thea (Amaya's Mother), and they stayed with him in the Phantom’s Mansion until Amaya was ready to be around people again. With Kain, she was told what she needed to do to become the Phantom Boss and strove to be what her mother wanted her to be. Two years later, she learned to be comfortable enough to see people again, although she still gets anxiety attacks and has difficulty communicating with others, and moved back to Namimori (along with her father and uncle) for educational purposes.

Plot Overview Edit

Future Arc: Edit

Amaya is first seen drinking tea inside Hana Kurokawa’s house when Hana brought Kyoko in. When Amaya saw the present Kyoko she freaked but quickly recovered to ask why she was there and if Tsuna was also here (in the Future). When she learned that Tsuna was alive she couldn’t wait to see him again, even though she already knew he wouldn’t recognise her (because they haven’t met in the past yet). When both Tsuna and Lal came to pick Kyoko up Amaya introduced herself to Tsuna and begged for them to let her visit Vongola HQ, to which Lal Mirch agreed. She introduced herself to the rest of the gathered past Vongola Guardians and found herself meeting the future Hibari who she then decided to stay with for the time being. She watched Hibari as he trained with the young Decimo and continued staying with Hibari until Ryohei came back, bringing along an injured Chrome. She then spent most of her time tending to Chrome but drank with Ryohei when offered. Amaya found the tracker that was in Chrome’s bag and told Hibari about it. When the Millifiore attacked, Amaya continued to be with Chrome until she was better and Hibari was back from the trap he’d set. Amaya then went to finish off the Millifiore grunts that were around the town. After that, Amaya visited Hana again to tell her she was leaving to go back to London where her ‘adorable husband is waiting’.

Inheritance Ceremony Arc: Edit

Amaya had just moved back into her old house with her remaining family and had just started school again a few days ago. On her third day, while walking past, she noticed the new people that had moved into the house next-door. A group of students left the building and followed her to school. While Tsuna and his gang had gone to the future, Amaya transferred to Nanimori Middle School and had been placed in Kyoko’s empty seat until further notice. By the time everyone came back to the present, Hana had already become acquainted with Amaya. When Amaya arrived at Nanimori Middle, she sat in Tsuna’s currently empty seat because Kyoko had gotten to school earlier than she had and Amaya didn’t want to confront her. Hana didn’t mind where Amaya sat, she could always introduce Kyoko during break, but that thought was interrupted when a loud, angry Gokudera started yelling at Amaya for sitting in Tsuna’s seat. Hana rushed to her and protected her from him, things were quickly sorted and Amaya was now placed in a seat next to an empty one. [I have not finished writing up the rest of this part ;e;]

Curse of the Arcobaleno Arc: Edit

[I have not finished writing up the rest of this part ;e;]

Relationships Edit

Hana Kurokawa Edit

Hana is in a special place in Amaya’s heart, being the first student to talk to and become friends with her since moving back to Nanimori. Hana helped the most with erasing Amaya’s social phobia and also aided Amaya with her relationship with Enma. Amaya enjoys being with Hana, she’s always kind, caring and comforting towards her.

Enma Kozato Edit

Amaya’s love interest. Not once since they first met has Amaya felt anxious or depressed when next to him, allowing them to become close. Because Amaya speaks bluntly, Enma’s usually seen blushing when around her. It took a while for Enma to be able to be comfortable to admit what they are to everyone (even though it was obvious due to Amaya).

Kyoya Hibari Edit

Amaya gets ‘bitten to death’ every time the two meet, this is most likely because of Amaya’s dyed hair and lack of attending classes. Unfortunately for Hibari, because of Amaya’s extremely high pain tolerance level she doesn't mind taking beatings from him, instead, she finds the beatings ‘calming’ which annoys Hibari and so he ‘bites her to death’… again. Hibari finds Amaya intolerable while Amaya finds Hibari ‘helpful’.

Ryohei Sasagawa Edit

When Ryohei was in his first year at Nanimori Middle school, he was put in the same class as Amaya. Back then, she was a loud, happy and ‘extreme’ girl which Ryohei noticed and loved which endorsed the two to become friends. When Ryohei first saw Amaya back in Namimori Middle School he recognised her immediately, and vice versa. At first, Amaya was very anxious when around him but he would somehow always find a way to comfort her in his own way.

Chrome Dokuro Edit

The moment the two met, they connected. Amaya thinks of Chrome like a little sister and will do everything in her power to protect her.

Mukuro Rokudo Edit

Amaya thinks he’s a nice guy for taking care of Chrome, although, she absolutely hates looking at him (due to his similar looks to Daemon Spade) to the point of instinctively attacking him when he’s close enough.

Quotes Edit

“I’m not afraid of being with people, I’m afraid of being with people and having them leave me.” To Hana when questioned about her lack of communication.

“I want to hold you forever.” To Enma after their first encounter.

“Not once in my life have I ever blamed the Vongola” To everyone at the scene after the Daemon incident.

Trivia Edit

‘Amaya’ means Night Rain.

Amaya is one half Japanese, one fourth Italian and one fourth English.

Her natural eye colour is black, but she wears hazel contacts.

Her favourite tea is Earl Grey.

In the future Amaya changes her last name to “Phantom”

She's hated by all the members of Varia, except for Fran.

Amaya learnt to speak 3 new languages fluently in her 2 years of rehabilitation, they are; English, Italian and French, in that order.