Colored tsuki blue version by nightraytsukishiro-d5d8za1

Tsuki with Blue hair and Red - Purple Contact lens

Akai Tsuki  known as Tsuki Seijuuro, vongola secret member that only do Tsuna and Xanxus order


She had long hair and leave her front hair hides her Blue eyes that will turn red if she pissed, due to her flame She can change her hair color anytime she want which help her to hide her true identity, Her Eye color are Blue-Red, Always wearing black themed color when free but when doing mission she always wear a uniform she get from Vongola.

Personality Edit

Usually Carefree, nice, talkless but, when someone make misstakes in front of her she will change to talktive and can't stop until she tired, If she pissed she can become Psycopath and sadistic.

Weapons & Ability Edit


  • Ring : ring that can be mistaken to normal ring but this ring can turn into a scythe that become her best weapon, this ring also turn into a snipper which become her 2nd best weapon. 
  • Wings : Normal angel wings from outside but this wing harder than iron and can shoot many iron needels with help of Cloud flame and this wings can be used as high speed transportation.


  • She can make high level illution because of her Mist flame 
  • She can use her Cloud flame for multiplies her snipper 
  • She can heal her own internal organ because her Sun flame 

Relationship Edit

Because she hide her true indentity no one know her relationship