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Akahito Adachi
Natsu dragneel prof
Name Akahito Adachi
Kanji アカヒ足立
Romanji Akahito Adachi
Personal Status
Gender Male
Birthdate May 7th
Age 18
Height 6"11
Blood Type A+
Hometown Cielo Town
Home Country Japan
Affiliation Gombalini Family
Occupation 10th Boss of Gombalini Famiglia
Dying Will Flame & Abilities
Type Of flame Sky
Box Weapon Sky Gombalini Box
Box Animal Spara the Sky Dragon

Akahito Adachi (アカヒ足立 Akahito Adachi) renowned as the Crimson Dragon Adachi. He is the 10th boss of the Gambolini Famiglia, which is a incredibly powerful famiglia. Akahito is truly a highly skilled boss worthy of being the Gambolini famiglia boss. He had participated in the Heavens Arena Tournament and the True Cross Compatition. Akahito is the also the main Protagonist of an original series created by Bigboy101 that goes by the name of Crescent Moon.